Rainer Zach (Hailed from Germany) and Dominic O'Mahony (From Ireland and England) came off of the boat and landed in NYC over 18 years ago. They met while working at Smith & Wolenskies and then both transferred to Chicago Smith & Wolensky. While in Chicago they met Michael Patrick Collins,(Chicago native - with the most authentic Irish name ever) and the three have known each other for the past 10 years. Hence, they are the three owners of F.O'Mahony's. Dominic has his own construction company and enjoys "flipping" bars from old to new or rustic, rather. Rainer is the Director of Operations at the Sound-Bar group and opens and maintains some the leading and largest clubs in Chicago. Michael is a full-time realtor & investor. During those past ten years, all three have married and have families of their own. Rainer and Dominic have had businesses together prior and continue onward. Jackie Banks, (Chicago native as well) came on as General Manager in Dec. 2007 and have been with the "boys" ever since.

The bar was originally named "Finley Mahony's" when it first opened in July 2007, (After Dominic's youngest son, but after a bit of confusion with other vendors and being compared to Finley Dunnes Tavern in Lincoln Park), they went through a name change and decided to go back to Dominics original last name, O'Mahony while still keeping the "F" in front. Those that have been here from the start (and our regulars) will always refer to this cute pub as "Finn's" or "Finley's".

The Menu changes with the seasons and for that they consult and hire one of Chicago's Leading Chefs at the time to make additions and deletions to accomodate the small kitchen of only 250 square feet. Capacity of this pub is only 80, and when summer hits, their large patio's open up to seat a total of 170 seats - and yes, that tiny little kitchen pumps out all of the food.

While only 1275 square feet, this little pub packs a big heart with stiff drinks. They are known as the "Cheers" of the area welcoming every personality that walks through the bar. They may not remember your name as first, but will know and place your drink of choice in front of you before you even open up your mouth.

With only a year and a half under their belt, F.O'Mahonys's have already received two recognizable awards and are hoping for their third this Christmas season. The first being taking 3rd place in the "Best New Irish Bars/Restaurants" in Chicago 2007 - Competing up against the large D4 (over 10,000 square feet downtown) and Mahony's in River West (4000 square feet) Which can be seen on their Metromix.com page. The Second being placed 2nd in East Lakeviews "Best Greenage/Patio" of 2008. Jackie hopes to attain one of the top 10 spots this year for Chicago's Best Decorated Bars. You will just have to stop on by to see if you agree!!!

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